When Santa Runs Out Of Gift Wrap

25 Dec

What do you do when you realize that you ran out of gift wrap, close to midnight on Christmas Eve? That happened in my case, because I buy gift wraps en masse (like 20 sheets or so) once in a while and its tough to keep track of the stocks. Read on, especially if you think like me: “I can fix anything with duct tape!”

First, scavenge for a plastic/paper bag that has Christmas colors, like red or green. Preferably one that doesn’t have store name. In India, people use wooden frame beds with mattresses on it, so the best place to look for bags is under then mattress, on the wooden frame. Like this:

My Photo
Once you find a suitable bag, insert all the gifts (in my case, I chose use one single pack for both my kids) carefully into the bag, trying to maintain a cuboid shape. Then seal the bag with tape as if sealing a gift wrap around a box.
If there are any gaps in the wrapping, cover them with suitable paper, or ignore them.
Gift Gaps
Now, find another bag, preferably with handles, that presents some decent contrast, yet has holiday colors.
Gift Gaps
Now place this bag under the Christmas tree. You are all set!
Gift Under Tree