Sun Management Center: Agent Information from Engine ID

23 Aug

Sun Management Center agent logs often have log entries that contain SNMP Engine IDs. The engine ID would look like


The way to determine the target’s IP address from engine id is as follows. Take the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th fields of the engine id. From the above example, take 0:0:4:da:40:81:9e:e5:df:0:a1:0. This string 81:9e:e5:df represents the IPv4 address of the SNMP entity, e.g. Take each field as a Hex number and compute the corresponding number for the IPv4 address.

The next two fields represent the port number of the SNMP entity. Take 0:a1 from 0:0:4:da:40:81:9e:e5:df:0:a1:0 and compute the numeric port number, treating the entire number as a (max) 4 digit Hex number. In this case, this amouts to 161, the standard SNMP agent port number.

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